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About Us

What is ScoopCity?

ScoopCity is your quality based social buying site and your online guide to high quality entertainment.

We bring you the best of Beirut at special prices through our weekly Scoops on restaurants, spas, entertainment, sports and more. What is a scoop? It is our word for an offer from one of (y)our favorite quality places and brands.

Through our Spotlight content section we feature interviews with the hottest DJs, artists and bands as well as articles on up and coming events, local news and charity campaigns.With our Directory section, we feature all of our past Partners and will guide you through the best of what Lebanon has to offer whether it is fine dining, a beauty salon or extreme sports.

Our Beliefs

Our aim is to give our “ScoopCitizens” the opportunity to discover and re-discover the best businesses in their city, as well as explore new experiences, all for maximum value for money. You can be sure that, anyplace mentioned on ScoopCity is up to our standards and it is an outlet that we go to ourselves!


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ScoopCity provides you with quality promos in your city and we can vouch for the quality of the outlets featured on ScoopCity.com. However, we are not responsible for the service you receive at the outlet. All of our Partners are briefed on the importance of ScoopCitizens to their business prior to your arrival but we are not accountable for any misunderstandings that may occur.

We ask you to carefully read all the details about your promo before redeeming your voucher. It is also important that you understand where you are going and the quality of the place you are attending in order to minimize confusion. In case the merchant doesn't honour your voucher or your discount, please inform our customer service in order to assist you and take immediate action to resolve your issue.

We work with our quality Partners to bring you the best possible offers, packages and new experiences – In case you cannot use your voucher, you can always give it away as a gift (unless the Terms & Conditions specifies otherwise). Once the voucher expires it is the responsibility of the buyer to bare the cost as we don’t do refunds.

If you have been disappointed by a service received at one of our Partners (although we doubt it very much!), please let us know as soon as possible by emailing as at info@scoopcity.com or call us on 01- 66 25 45.

Surf our Promos page to find exclusive merchant offers, discounts and giveaways. You can then click on the Promo of interest and get instant access to the deal at hand, FREE of CHARGE. Then, simply head over to the merchant location, and redeem your Promo offer.

3 Types of Promos and How They Work


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By clicking "Shop Online", you will be redirected to the merchant's website with your Promo offer already added to your cart.


By clicking "Copy Code", your Promo Code will appear. Copy it and click "Shop Online".

Once clicked, you will be redirected to the merchant's website, paste your code at checkout to redeem your offer.